Race car aerodynamics
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Race car aerodynamics is study of the forces and moments created by the interaction of air with a race car. The shape of race cars is intentionally developed in order to control this interaction. This page is dedicated to gather relevant content related to this subject. Here you will learn:

  • Why race car aerodynamics is one of the major concerns in Motorsport Engineering
  • What are the fundamental Physics principles relevant to race car aerodynamics and how they work
  • How air interacts with each of the peculiar components on a race car

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Recommended reading on Race Car Aerodynamics

There is a wide range of good materials on race car aerodynamics and how it is used to improve performance. Among those I’ve come across, I would highligh these:

As new articles on this subject are written, I will add them here in an organized manner, for your better experience.

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  • Jamie Hobbs

    What an interesting post! How do you think the air would effect the SF01 (http://bit.ly/trackcar) design from Local Motors?

    • Rodrigo de Oliveira

      Hi Jamie, thanks for your support! Apologies for the delayed answer, it’s been a busy time for me.

      I’m not an aero specialist, but I think the car you showed me could benefit from having closed side panels, in order to reduce drag. It looks like the team has done a good job on the downforce development side. It looks very good, also, kudos for that!

      I’m looking forward to seeing the final result! :D